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Reasons You Need an EPDM Rubber Roofing

EPDM is adorable synthetic rubber roofing membrane. The contractors apply EPDM roofs the same way they apply metal roofing paint coats. These are the benefits of EPDM rubber roofing materials.

The rubber coating improves installation and also makes the roof more attractive because it has multiple colors for you to choose and makes its value to increase. Unless the roof is damaged beyond repair, you do not have to replace the whole roof with a new one because EPDM coating can be used to seal the leaks. This makes it a cost-effective way of repairing leaks on the roof. A repaired leaking roof that looks attractive makes the house more attractive to buyers.

EPDM coating is good protection against UV rays for your property, family and yourself by filtering them out from the sun’s rays. UV rays cause skin cancer, sunburns, wrinkles, aging, among other skin infections. UV rays also cause eye injuries and fatigue. UV rays cause the furniture, carpets, flooring, blinds and many more items to fade hence they will remain attractive for long when these rays do not get to them. The value of your home increases because the appearance of the assets and interior decor of your house remains strikingly beautiful when UV rays are prevented from getting into contact with them.

Aside from improving the lifespan of your roof, the material itself also lasts for an extended time. They are highly durable because they are resistant to moisture thus they do not allow mold and mildew, one of the roof’s damaging agents, to grow on them. The contractors increase roofing slope to make the EPDM roof more resistant to ponding when people walk on it. EPDM coating also makes the roof resistant to hailstones.

EPDM reduces waste in the environment because it can be recycled. You need to use recycled EPDM instead of petroleum-based roofing materials that most people are used to, so that you can help in minimizing the alarmingly high levels of waste in the world. They are good insulators hence they lower the high energy consumption rates in home insulation because high energy consumption is another crisis that the world is dealing with.

The EPDM roofing is suitable for buildings located in all regions. People in cold climates should roof their homes with black EPDM because it absorbs a lot of heat from the sun to keep the house warm. Roof your house with white EPDM if you are in hot areas because it reflects the sun’s rays to keep the home cool. They are installed in thicker layers for better insulation because thicker layers are more efficient than thin EPDM layers because they leave no cracks on your roof unblocked. EPDM will enable you to save on electricity bills. The heater will not be needed most of the time to maintain warmth in the house or use the air conditioner to keep the house cool.

It reduces sound pollution in the house because it is soundproof. You will have a quiet home even when you are near noisy places because EPDM will prevent the noise from getting into the house.


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