Safe and Comfortable Motorcycle Clothing

Safe and Comfortable Motorcycle Clothing

Safe and Comfortable Motorcycle Clothing – Driving safety comes from several factors. Not only the condition of the vehicle, but motorcycle clothing are also things that must be considered in driving. So far, many road accidents have been caused by human error. Therefore, it is important for every biker to pay attention to every safety equipment to minimize the risk of accidents, especially if the motorbike you are driving has a large engine capacity.

Safety Equipment When Riding a Motorcycle

 Motorsports are one of the vehicles that require special attention when driving. Its large size makes you have to be more careful in driving it. Enthusiasts of motorsports themselves are increasing every year.

 1. Helmet (Head Protector)

 There are various types and types of helmets available in the market. Actually, in deciding on a safety helmet, we simplest want 2 (two) criteria, namely: comfortable and safe. Comfortable when we wear and safe by choosing a helmet following standardization.

 2. Jackets

 Jackets are tops that cover the body to the arms fully. The jacket can protect the elbows from minor collisions or scratches. Use a jacket made from thick like a leather jacket or denim jacket. Besides, the jacket also functions as a chest protector from the wind when driving during the day and night. The jacket that you can use to drive is a jacket with a bright color or one that has a light deflector or reflector so that it makes it easy for other motorists to see you on the highway.

 We highly recommend the friction and water-resistant Gore-Tex or Cordura material coated with cotton on the inside. Installation of protector on the shoulders, back, elbows and along the bones of the hand is very good to reduce the impact that occurs at the time of the accident.

 3. Pants

 The use of pants is highly recommended made from thick materials, such as jeans, soft canvas, Gore-lex leather, and Cordura. The three ingredients mentioned last have a pretty good friction resistance. It’s just a drawback, not too comfortable to wear when the sun is hot. To get around this, usually, a layer of cotton is placed inside, so that it can absorb sweat properly. For factory-made touring pants, usually, somebody armor has also been installed, including in the back to protect the coccyx, side hips, knees and shins

 4. Shoes

 The correct choice of shoes for motorbike driving is not only comfortable to wear, but the most important thing is the softness of the front ankle joint. We recommend using safety shoes that meet ISO standards. This is intended when you do a “panic brake” (breaking up), your feet will immediately channel power to the brake lever properly and are not stuck in the “hard” shoes.

The classifications that meet the comfortable and safe requirements for shoes are:

  • Shoes must be tall and pass through the ankles and be protected right on the ankles.
  • Try not strappy.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Made from natural ingredients or made from leather
  • The shoe sole is made of rubber, so it is not slippery.
  • Has a protective toe or toe cap
  • Have a size number that is 1 (one) table higher than the size of our feet. Usually, we will experience swelling in the legs when we travel far.
  • It has good air circulation and has a soft layer on the inside.

 5. Gloves

 Apart from being a protector of the hands and fingers when the air is cold and rainy, the Glove also serves as a risk reducer in the event of an accident. Conscious or unusual at the time of the accident, it is the palm that will touch the asphalt and hold our body first. Just like other body armor, this glove can also be made from a variety of attractive materials, colors, and shapes. While this is on the market, the most widely available is made from synthetic and synthetic materials. Choose leather. because leather does not pass on the ‘heat’ nature to the palm when there is friction with the road surface.

 Synthetic material, in addition to not being too strong, it will also cause a burning sensation in our hands. Our advice, choose a long leather glove that has Carbon Fiber and Kevlar protection on the books.

 6. Knee protector, elbow protector.

 7. Chest protective vest.

 8. Mask.

 As a material consideration, it should be avoided in choosing a type of protective material from fiberglass because according to its nature that fiberglass will break with a tip that is usually sharp and stiff (like glass), this fracture will be able to cause additional injury to the wearer. Better, use carbon fiber or Kevlar instead.